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Single storey rear extension together with side dormer extension

This was originally a 3 bedroom house. The works involved demolishing the existing rear extension and the forming of the new rear extension, together with the removal and alteration of the existing side roof to allow for the dormers to be constructed.


The main advantage of carrying out these works is that it transformed the upstairs accommodation from 2 bedrooms and a toilet to a master bedroom with separate ensuite and dressing area, the forming of a new bathroom and 2 additional bedrooms leaving the client with 4 bedrooms upstairs. Downstairs, the separate kitchen and dining areas were merged with the new extension to leave a beautiful open plan kitchen dining area that is absolutely fantastic for social evenings and parties.


The ground floor walls were constructed in the traditional method (both block inside and out as the external walls were being rendered). The first floor walls were constructed in timber then insulated and rendered in a through coloured render.

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